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You asked, and we delivered!

As a result of many requests from teachers and faculty around the country, we've created a new video presentation that addresses our current pandemic and also provides critical insights and realistic solutions. Watch our video below!

Pandemics, Epidemics And Our Food Choices

This video takes a deep look into COVID-19 and other epidemics/pandemics, providing detailed information about their history in our world, their relationship to our food systems, and the steps we can take to avoid health crises like these in the future.

Full Presentation (18 minutes)

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Online Video Presentations

While COVID-19 may prevent our educators from delivering in-person presentations, we are still able to provide our valuable content to teachers, students and communities! We have created professionally narrated versions of our original presentations that provide the same critical and timely information that schools and communities have come to depend on each semester.

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