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Whether you are interested in exploring more about the impact of your food choices and new food technologies or are now ready to begin incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, these pages can be a helpful guide on your individual journey.

Find out how a plant-based diet benefits your health, our environment and animals.

Why plant-based?

Check out these accomplished and inspiring athletes, actors and musicians.

Need inspiration?

Browse innovative plant-based foods that replicate the cellular structure of meat - making them virtually indistinguishable from meat in taste and texture.

New food technologies:

Plant-based meat

Browse recipes and find inspiration for healthy and delicious meals.

What do I eat?

Find a list of popular restaurants and their plant-based options.

No time to cook?

Further advancements in food science have allowed scientists to create a new real meat option that will be available to consumers in the very near future.

Cultivated /

Cell-based meat

Check out interesting facts and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Did you know?

Explore documentaries on plant-based eating to expand your knowledge.

Want more info?

Are you interested in adding more plant-based foods to your school / campus cafeteria menu? Our partner, Balanced, can help!

Healthier menus

start with

educated choices

Check out classroom activities, lesson plans and additional resources that will help support your classroom efforts!

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