An exciting era

More and more innovative food products are hitting the market. And all these new products, although very different, have this in common: They are more sustainable than their conventional equivalent, they are better for human and public health, and they allow for a more compassionate lifestyle.

cooking burgers on hot grill with flames

Not your grandpa's veggie burger

It's sooo much better! Brand new and really tasty plant-based choices are available almost everywhere now - and more are hitting the restaurants and markets every single day. It's incredible!

Image by ian dooley

Animal-free dairy and eggs

Science has created ways for us to have real animal protein - without the animal. No-cow dairy and animal-free eggs are just the beginning. Hard to believe, but it's true! Check it out here:


Still want real meat?

Cultivated meat is the real deal! Check out all the companies who, in the near future, will provide a more sustainable way for meat-eaters to have their meat - and eat it, too!